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Recovering your damages in five steps

One of our main objectives is helping our clients recover and return as much as possible to the state they were in before the loss or injury was incurred. We also assist our clients in seeking due compensation. Every case is different, but the process we go though often follows the same process.

Note that in the Netherlands damages are divided in two main categories: material and immaterial. The first is for injury or loss that is directly financial, such as the loss of salary due to disability or damage to a vehicle. The second concerns injury or loss of a mental nature, such as suffering, pain and a diminished quality of life.

Recovery process

Assessing liability
Handling your case
Final settlement

Step 1. Introductions

After registering your case with us, one of our experts will contact you and in most cases arrange a personal meeting. We will discuss the incident and the consequences you suffered as a result.

This is also a moment for introductions: in most cases, our expert and his or her team will personally advise you for the duration of the case, as well as representing your interests with all parties involved.

Step 2. Assessing the liability

Liability is often one of the main points of debate, mostly with the other party’s insurance company. Sometimes the other party is only partly liable. In this case, your loss or injury will only be partially compensated.

Step 3. Handling your case

Receiving compensation advances
We try to prevent our client’s having to advance any costs themselves and ask the responsible insurer for compensation advancements. To this end, we carefully map the loss or injury you have incurred throughout the duration of your case.

Compiling a medical dossier
In order to get a full view of the scope of your loss or injury and recovery process, it is important to meticulously document any relevant loss or injury concerning your personal health. That is why we always compile a dossier with the help of a medical expert. The dossier also functions as evidence to show that your loss or injury is a direct consequence of the incident.

Sometimes a debate might arise with the other party’s medical experts concerning the causality of the loss or injury, or other details. In these cases, independent medical research might be necessary to settle any possible dispute.

If you are unable to work
Our goal is to help you return as much as possible to the state you were in before the incident. In case you are unable to work as a result of the loss or injury you have suffered, we can introduce you to a recovery coach or other expert help. Perhaps your former job is no longer an option. In that case we can help you explore other avenues, such as a new position with your former employer, or maybe a new job entirely.

You might be permanently and completely disabled as result of the incident. In this case, any missed pension or salary, as well as future losses such as missed promotions, will form part of your loss and damages.

Step 4. Compensation for immaterial loss or injury (mental suffering)

If another party can be held liable, you are then due compensation for any immaterial loss or injury. Examples are all losses and injuries that are not readily expressed in financial compensation, such as mental suffering, diminished quality of life, (chronic) pain or psychological trauma, and depression.

The degree of this compensation can only be fully determined near the end of your case. This is when we will have a full view of the entire scope and consequence of your losses or injuries.

Two conditions must be met to arrive at this stage. First, you have reached a stable employment situation. Second, you are fully recovered or expect no further recovery or deterioration of your current complaints. The latter is also referred to as the ‘final medical state’.

Step 5. Settling your case

In the last step, we settle on the final amount of compensation with the responsible party. This settlement will take into account any damages and loss suffered until this moment, as well possible loss in the future. The settlement can also include caveats that allow you to revisit the agreement, in case your circumstances change in the future.


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